Acoustic Paneling

Cut To Plan Projects

Perfect for a quite living room, the ultimate movie room, a home studio, a focussed workplace or an entertainment room, our paneling will give your acoustics a clear, professional quality, and minimise the sound that escapes that room.

How does acoustic paneling work? It absorbs sound waves that reach the wall, so that they don’t bounce back and create interference. By minimising this echo, you are then getting most of your sound directly from the source. Plus, it absorbs sound that would have been escaping into other rooms or your neighbours residence.

Cut to Plan acoustic panels

We cut acoustic panels to your exact specifications. With our panels, you can have them tailored to the dimensions of your wall and your specific needs. We do large panels, often covering entire walls, and also small panels that you can arrange to your liking.

Did you know that your sound is being distorted?

Echos are the invisible enemies to sound quality that most people don’t know about. There’s a reason why the cinema sounds better, but you can achieve this level of quality in your own house.

A few panels go a long way

You don’t have to cover your entire wall with acoustic panelling to get marked improvements in sound quality. Acoustic panels can be arranged in strategic patterns, or even aesthetic patterns while still greatly minimising distortion.

Where to place acoustic panels?

Acoustic panels should be placed where most of the sound is hitting the wall, like on the wall opposite to your main speakers. Side-wall reflection is also an issue, and a few panels here likewise go a long way.

The easiest setup in your sound system

Improving sound quality with more speakers will leave you tangled in cables. But, minimising distortion is as easy as hanging some panels on the wall. You will be able to sit back and enjoy the quality immediately.

Affordable sound quality improvement

Speakers and sound devices can cost a fortune. Before buying these, you should try acoustic panels. You will see an improvement in quality without paying for expensive equipment.

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