Architectural Joinery

Cut To Plan Projects

Architectural joinery involves fixing pieces of timber together to assemble cabinets, drawers, shelves and virtually any timber unit that your house requires.

Customers often seek our professional services for architectural joinery in their kitchens. It’s because kitchens involve joining numerous timber pieces together, so the potential for error is high. Small yet unsightly gaps between pieces are common in other kitchens, but we are incredibly precise, so that your kitchen will look seamless.

Kitchen joinery

We are experts at cutting and joining benches, cabinets, pantries and drawers. We combine our extensive experience with your plans and instructions.


There’s one key to good cabinetmaking: the perfect fit. We make cabinets that are precisely tailored to your kitchens and other rooms. Good cabinets look like natural features of the house.


For a walk-in wardrobe, kitchen, study or garage, shelves can add much-needed storage space. If you want to store some books or some old board games, you want a better option than unsightly and inaccessible cardboard boxes.

Completely tailored to your needs

We follow your designs precisely, or we can draw the plans ourselves. Our method is to combine your preferences with our experience to create the best architectural joinery for you.

The shine of polyurethane

For a sleek, contemporary look, you can choose to have your architectural joinery coated with polyurethane paint. This effect can be minimalistic or vibrantly coloured, and it is always durable.

The beauty of timber

Do you see the beauty of rich, polished timber cabinets and drawers providing the centrepiece to a kitchen? We love dark timbers, fair timbers, subtle finishes and gleaming finishes.

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