Cut To Plan Projects

Consultancy from the people who know kitchen design and manufacturing. We are called Cut To Plan because we pride ourselves on meticulously making your kitchen plans into a reality. But, we also provide advice and consulting about your kitchen plans, because we have so much knowledge and experience to offer. Often there are some minor details to a your dream kitchen that we think could be even better.

For instance, your dream kitchen may be fitted with chrome horizontal-bar handles. We love the clean straight lines of these handles, but they have a habit of catching on clothes and tearing holes. We would recommend a similar chrome horizontal handle that leaves your favourite clothes intact.

It’s small things like this that are hard to think of unless you have our kitchen expertise.

The right materials

What kitchen materials are available? Can black marble and acoustic paneling go well together? And, what materials are both durable, beautiful and affordable?

Safety first

We eliminate hazards including slippage, tripping, dangerous edges and cooktop placements that aren’t child-friendly. Improving the safety of kitchens is one of our most fulfilling jobs.

The new living room

The kitchen has become the new living room, and it’s a great thing while you’re cooking. We want to make kitchens more open and outward-facing for this reason.

The kitchen environment

We think about the kitchen as an environment that people are going to be moving in and out from. Which rooms are they coming from, and what is the flow of ‘traffic’?

Predicting functions

What will you normally use this benchtop for? Where will you put the ingredients after you wash them? We can greatly improve kitchens by thinking about these things.

Your convenience

Some kitchen plans just have minor annoyances that you discovered later. For instance, will you have to lean too far over the sink to wash your hands? It’s uncomfortable!

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