Kitchen Manufacturing

Cut To Plan Projects

Why have customers be choosing us to build their kitchens for 18 years? Two words: Virtuous and Meticulous. We are the experts at cutting timber and other materials exactly to plan, so your kitchen will be impeccable to look at, and built to last.

We put the same level of care into our painting and finishing. Our polyurethane painting is smooth, sleek and has the most refreshingly modern feel.

The little things

Built-in wine racks, an easy-to-reach pantry and a shelf for ornaments. We love adding the small details that make such a difference to your kitchen.

Seamless cupboards and drawers

We make our cupboards and drawers align seamlessly, and glide ultra-smoothly. They are built well, and they are built to last.

A touch of glass

Glass panelling can add an elegant touch when used on cupboards and pantries. Often a slightly frosted glass is used to add softness to the effect.

Built with style

We manufacture kitchens in any style that can be designed. Contemporary kitchens are always breathtaking, but you may prefer a country feel, or a delicate vintage style.

Revitalising your kitchen

You would not believe what can be easily done to your kitchen to make it look entirely fresh. We can replace your benchtop, polyurethane-paint your draws and so much more.

Incredible choice and variety

We custom-build your kitchen based on your plans, or plans that we design with your input. There is unbelievable choice in every aspect of our kitchens, but we will guide you to the best choices.

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