Polyurethane Painting

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Polyurethane painting is perfect for kitchens, cabinets, doors and any timber unit that you want to make smooth, lasting and durable. This strong coating can withstand water, chopping, heat and even detergent. Polyurethane is not the kind of paint that you often see chipping and cracking.

But many kitchens and units are designed with polyurethane cabinets, drawers and benches mainly for the glossy modern feel of this material. It’s minimalistic, sleek and among the cornerstones of modern interior design.

Polyurethane benchtops

Polyurethane is a revolution in kitchen benchtops. It withstands virtually all of the factors of cooking, it’s affordable and it looks amazing. There is a world of possibility when you start mixing and matching colours between your polyurethane benchtops and drawers.


Polyurethane painting vastly improves the lifespan of the base material wood. It prevents moisture, dirt, grease and other substances from seeping into the wood, hence protecting it from corrosion. Furthermore, it increases the material strength, thus creating what is virtually a new and superior material for kitchens.

Polyurethane cabinets and drawers

We work with such precision that your polyurethane cabinets and drawers will be so smooth and correctly aligned that you’ll think you’re looking at a 3D plan.

Choice of colours and finishes

You can select from a full range of colours and shades for your kitchen. And, you can choose whether you would like a glossy or matt finish. There are so many possibilities that your mind is probably buzzing right now. Many people select a glossy violet to add some spice to their kitchen. Or, others select a matt white for a clean, minimalistic feel.

Incredibly easy to clean

The smoother the surface, the easier it is to clean. And polyurethane paint is so smooth that it gleams in the light. It was designed to be easy to clean


Polyurethane-painted kitchen components are unbelievably affordable considering their glossy, modern appearance. It’s because underlying this paint is just a sturdy yet affordable timber. This wood increases in value dramatically when coated in polyurethane, because it makes it so much more long-lasting and sturdy.

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